Piri-piri Sacana (Birdeye) 10 seeds
  • Piri-piri Sacana (Birdeye) 10 seeds

Piri-piri Sacana (Birdeye) 10 seeds

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Piri-piri Sacana (Birdeye) - Pack of 10 selected seeds, with sticker identifying the species, origin and SHU. 


Piri-piri Sacana (Birdeye) is known as a very spicy piri-piri from Angola.

As a rule, the plants are small but well cared for and can reach more than 1.5 meters in height.

Very small fruits with a maximum of 1 to 2 cm have a lot of seeds and they bite A LOT!

Used abundantly in Angolan cuisine they are also great for drying.

Whoever puts piri-piri on a daily basis takes, in addition to seasoning, a series of natural medicines: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, syrup, vitamins, benefits that primitive people discovered thousands of years ago that are now proven by science.

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