Tabasco 10 seeds

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Tabasco - Pack of 10 selected seeds, with sticker identifying the species, origin and SHU.


Seeds of Tabasco Pepper (Capsicum frutescens).

It is a very famous pepper for being used in the American Tabasco pepper sauce, marketed worldwide for more than 125 years.

Its sting is considered high, ranging from around 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville, and the pepper plant reaches a height of 1.20 meters and produces fruits of up to 3 cm.

Tabasco Pepper is one of the few peppers that has the ability to not alter the flavor of a dish, which is why it is a favorite for the preparation of sauces and also due to the large amount of extract that each fruit produces, despite its small dimensions.

It can be consumed in sauces, in natura, salads and preserves.

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