ks white thai
  • ks white thai
  • KS White Thai 10 seeds
  • KS White Thai 10 seeds
  • KS White Thai 10 seeds
  • KS White Thai 10 seeds

KS White Thai 10 seeds

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KS White Thai - Pack of 10 selected seeds, with sticker identifying the species, origin and SHU.


KS White Thai is a beautiful variety in the Thai family of peppers. To say this variety is beautiful is an understatment.

This variety is very versatile and can perform much better than other pepper varieties in hotter climate. 

They will grow well and produce nicely in pots of any size. The larger the growing space, the bigger and more fruits they will produce.  The fruits transition into many color variations from white to purple to orange, then finally red. 

The flesh is thick, juicy and crunchy.  Some people described eating this pepper similar to eating a cucumber with pepper flavor. 

There are other White Thai varieties out there, this one is the rarest.  To tell them apart, check the fruit shapes.  If they are too pointed, they are not the KS White thai.  Also the flavor is different.  If the wall is thinner and taste like a regular white thai, without a distinct aroma, they are not this variety.

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