Naga morich
  • Naga morich
  • Naga Morich 10 seeds
  • Naga Morich 10 seeds
  • Naga Morich 10 seeds

Naga Morich 10 seeds

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Naga Morich - Pack of 10 selected seeds, with sticker identifying the species, origin and SHU.


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The Naga Morich, also known as the "Dorset Naga Pepper", is a chilli pepper native to the Sylhet region of Bangladesh.

There certainly is, like most super-hots. It’s why, beyond crazy pepper eating challenges, these chilies have adventurous eaters so enticed.

The Naga Morich, like the ghost pepper – is a slower burn. It takes 30 seconds for your body to start feeling the true heat. Until then, the pepper’s flavor is front and center.

It’s sweet, like the ghost pepper, but slightly more fruity (almost floral) and a little less earthy. It makes one mean hot sauce or barbecue marinade, tastily fruity to start and wickedly demonic for minutes after.

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