Moruga Scorpion Yellow 10 seeds

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Moruga Scorpion Yellow - Pack of 10 selected seeds, with sticker identifying the species, origin and SHU.


The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Yellow was developed from the Trinidad Scorpion.

The peppers have a wrinkled appearance. This killer chili pepper was declared world's most hottest chilli in februari 2012! It lost that title to Carolina Reaper which becam world's hottest chili in november 2013. The average number of Scoville Units in the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga was 1,2 million with some chili pods even measuring 2,009,231 million Scoville Units.

This is a nuclear hot pepper! Be very careful when handling these peppers and their seeds. Wearing plastic gloves is recommended. Use is entirely at your own risk. For good germination try to maintain a constant temperature of 28 – 32 degrees.

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