Diablo Grande 10 seeds
  • Diablo Grande 10 seeds

Diablo Grande 10 seeds

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Diablo Grande - Pack of 10 selected seeds, with sticker identifying the species, origin and SHU.


Diablo Grande Pepper originates in Italy.

From the Capsicum annuum specie, is considered a medium-burning pepper, with a pungency of up to 100,000 on the SHU scale.

The pepper tree is small in size, up to 45 cm high and its fruits are very red when ripe.

Despite having a great flavor, it is commonly used as an ornamental plant, because in addition to being very beautiful, it has a small size and great resistance, which makes it ideal for decorative vases. It is also much appreciated for making sauces and preserves.

Pepper must be grown under full sun or half shade, in fertile, deep, light soil, enriched with organic matter and irrigated regularly.

The pepper plant enjoys weekly fertilization during growth and flowering and fortnightly fertilization during fruiting, thus producing even more peppers. It does not tolerate drought, waterlogging, cold or frost.

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